Supported Missions

Colleges- These institutions train and equip the leaders of the church.

St. Louis Christian College- Located in Florissant, MO.  This is an undergraduate (four year) school for ministry.

Lincoln Christian University- Located in Lincoln, IL.  This is both an undergraduate school for ministry and a graduate-level seminary for advanced education.

Colegio BiblicoLocated in Eagle Pass, TX.  Colegio Biblico focuses on preparing workers for Spanish-speaking fields.


Evangelistic Works- These groups or churches are taking the gospel to new areas or people groups.

C.R.A.M. (Christ Reaching Asia Mission) Worldwide- C.Y. Kim and his wife are South Koreans ministering in China, just north of China’s border with North Korea.  They operate a school in China, and as opportunities arise, they try to minister across the border in North Korea as well.

CrossPointe Christian Church- This is a new church plant in Mascoutah, IL.

Mid-India Christian Mission- The Lall family is working to plant and strengthen churches in India, and they also have created schools and colleges in strongly Hindu areas.

Navajo Christian Churches- Vernon Hollett and his family work to spread the gospel among the Navajo people.

Cornerstone Christian Church- This is a new church plant in Bowling Green, MO.

Missouri Operation for Vigorous Evangelism- MOVE is a church planting associated centered in Jefferson City, MO.

American Rehabilitation Ministries- ARM focuses on ministry to people incarcerated in corrections facilities as well as the families of the inmates.  Their portable baptisteries have found their way into numerous prisons, as well as finding use in mission fields around the globe.

Joe Lieway- Joe is a professor at SLCC and works with a native church in the nation of Liberia.

Monterey Christian Mission- Antonio and Jenny Gomez and others assist churches, create Christian educational opportunities, and enable benevolent works in the Monterey area of Mexico.


Campus Houses- These groups are located at major universities, and they serve to evangelize and strengthen the faith of college students.

Christian Campus House (Columbia)- University of Missouri-Columbia.

Christian Student Fellowship (Rolla)- Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Missions for Children- These groups focus on helping children.

Shiloh Christian Children’s Ranch- Located in northeastern Missouri, Shiloh has been very effective at helping children who suffer from abuse or neglect. 

Ninos De Mexico- Located just outside Mexico City, Ninos de Mexico has taken unwanted children from the streets and has introduced them to Jesus.  Graduates of Ninos are beginning to occupy influential positions in Mexico.

High Hill Christian Camp and Retreat Center- This is our church camp, located in High Hill, MO (about 50 minutes west on I-70). 


Other Missions-

Christian Women’s Benevolent Association- The CWBA operates a nursing home in Ferguson, MO.

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